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Speedy Tuesday - Moonwatch Only 2nd Edition Book ReviewAlmost last month, I informed you in regards to the upcoming Moonwatch Only 2nd edition (Sixty years of Omega Speedmaster). During the annual trade show in Basel, I received a signed copy with this 2nd edition of what I quoted as 'this book sets a fresh standard' in 2014. Let's look at this Moonwatch Only 2nd edition book.Moonwatch Only 2nd Edition BookThat said, I'm able to keep this review short and state that the top book got better. However, that wouldn't do justice for the book and does not answer the issue why you need to upgrade in the first edition (we have found my report on Moonwatch Only first edition).The picture above was taken in the book presentation at BaselWorld, a few weeks ago. Within the left, author Gregoire Rossier and also on the proper is author Anthony Marquie.Six decades of Omega SpeedmasterThe cover of the Moonwatch Only 2nd edition book shows the brand new Speedmaster 60th Anniversary (reference 311. i always discussed here), as can be seen below. Alongside the Apollo XVII limited editions ("Tribute to Gene Cernan"), necessities such as latest models with the 'Moonwatch' collection that had been introduced this current year in Basel. The Apollo XVII is just not inside the book,  I guess Omega wasn't willing to give-away that information ahead of time or that this just wasn't ready yet in the course of printing. The Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition that's introduced (and sold) on January 10th in 2010, is with the book and that i understand that this is also round the dead-line due to this book to visit to print.Anyway, the coverage on the book has already been a tremendous tribute to 60 years of Speedmaster and then I have not even opened it yet. Furthermore, this book may be dedicated to the memory of Gene Cernan, Apollo XVII (Last Man on the Moon) astronaut and Omega ambassador for countless years. Younger crowd wrote one of the two forewords with this Moonwatch Only 2nd edition book. The opposite foreword is presented by Raynald Aeschlimann, Ceo and president of Omega. Although I realize Mr Aeschlimann is attracted to the new (METAS) array of Omega (Speedmaster) replica watches, I additionally are aware that he loves the Moonwatch and is often amazed by the real fans on this timepiece.New ContentBesides the forewords, the Moonwatch Only 2nd edition book has another interesting new introduction part. An instalment on the Speedmaster and NASA, authored by International Brand Heritage Manager Petros Protopapas and former NASA Project engineer James H. Ragan. This chapter describes the birth in the Speedmaster in 1957 (a prototype is there in 1956), the use of Speedmasters by Schirra and Cooper in 1962 after they'd purchased them privately plus the NASA qualification which was finished on March 1st 1965. Also, it speaks about the Speedmaster appliances traveled to space from the time. Definitely a fascinating read that could also make a stop for some speculations that are still skating web in older print titles (and taken with no consideration by a lot of).More WatchesThe authors of Moonwatch Simply have added some more replica watches and extended the info on many of the existing models that were inside first edition on the book. rolex watches mens Considering that the last edition, several new (special) models were designed by Omega which can be all inside 2nd edition in the book. Think Speedmaster Professional Silver Snoopy Award, the Sedna gold FOiS, last year's CK2998 plus the aforementioned Speedy Tuesday Special edition and 60th Anniversary model.Personalized Models and Special ProjectsAlso added are several replica watches that might be thought to be special projects or personalized replica watches, much like the FAP, ACP and Royal Omani replica watches. Models added also in this particular chapter include the Depora (delivered to Indonesian officials), RAF, early Racing Dials, the Ultraman (including a fascinating table on the orange chronograph hand compared to those of other Omega models), the rare gray-blue dials, and some more.Alaska ProjectAnother new chapter is around the famous Alaska Project replica watches. 12 additional pages are added on this topic, authored by Petros Protopapas and James H. Ragan. It describes all the different Alaska Project replica watches up till nr. IV (1979).  It ends with a prototype of the X-33 model (which was first designated 'Flightmaster'). An exceptionally interesting chapter for the fans on the replica watches that were developed for NASA use.Speedmaster Alaska60 Numerous years of InnovationPages 514 till 529 aren't any specifically concerning the Moonwatch, but about models that also appeared through the years, beginning from the Speedmaster Professional Mark II certainly. You'll also find details for the 1977 LCD version for example, the Teutonic moonphase models, Chuck Maddox' Ultimate goal reference 376.0822 plus the X-33 references, 1999 Split-Second model (that has a case similar to the X-33) etc. right up to the Bad side from the Moon (2013) and Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer models (2016). divers watches An interesting accessory the Moonwatch Only 2nd edition book and though it does not concern 'Moonwatch' models, they are connected to 1 another and price mentioning.Other AdditionsBesides new chapters and subjects, the authors of Moonwatch Only also corrected song and added more details to chapters including the 'Main Components and Accessories'. A good example could be the addition for the bracelet section, where they wrote a couple of pager around the Komfit Forstner and JB Champion bracelets that were employed by astronauts. These bracelet had the questionable quality to snap over wrist when there was clearly an excessive amount of force on them. In addition, they added the newest current Moonwatch bracelet for the review of references used over time.Should i need the Moonwatch Only 2nd Edition as i hold the 1st Edition?Well watches , you won't need anything needless to say however a copy of Moonwatch Only - any edition - comes in close proximity to what you will need for those who have an interest in the Speedmaster watch. The primary edition of Moonwatch Only was one of the best written books on replica watches around and may become the standard in a very perfect world. Observed a book sticking with the same structure, diagrams and data could well be very welcome for other iconic replica watches just like the Rolex Submariner or GMT-Master, Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak, Patek Philippe's Nautilus or the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso for instance. Uncertain if those replica watches could load over 550 pages of useful information, but it is the framework of the book and almost academic approach that creates this book an item of art.I collect Speedmaster replica watches myself, as do some of the Fratello Watches' colleagues which book is certainly of big help when conducting so. Inside The Manufacture This Moonwatch Only book doesn't come cheap (250 Euro is a lot of money for the book), however, if this sum of money will (definitely) enable you to prevent from making mistakes which might be additional expensive, it is just a rather cheap investment in order to research before you buy right.When you already have the first edition on the Moonwatch Only book, the 2nd edition is unquestionably definitely worth the upgrade inside my humble opinion. Particularly if are interested in collecting and want to maintain your facts straight (and up-to-date). This new version is a lot more than only an update using a few post-2014 Speedmaster replica watches. It's got 68 more pages compared to first edition, corrections about the previous version, new chapters on subjects like the Alaska Project models and also the non-Moonwatch models since 1969.Make this book yours, now. Simply click here to purchase your copy.